Notes to self

Because I don't wanna forget:

- Mozilla bookmarks synchronizer

- Pantone to RGB color conversion

- Safari Bookshelf

- Top 10 Ways to Crash PHP

- Branding Thunderbird

- Tinker Tool

- Curio

- iPhotoToGallery

- Urly

I use them all, I love them all and truly recommend them all! Why? Because they make my work easier and better!

Plus - my birhday gift

I am bad with surprises. I try to ruin them whenever possible. I always want gift hints, and if I know someone has gone shopping I search through closets and under beds looking for presents. The wool is rarely pulled over my eyes. But Jhon somehow managed to sneak an occasion by me - the second anniversary of our first date. Maybe it's because it's so close to my birthday and I was distracted. I had also focused so much on the potential new job I forgot about the event. Whatever the reason, he caught me completely off-guard when he took my hand and said, "So, today is a special day." Me, clueless as I was, said, "Yep. New job..." and just smiled like an idiot at him. But he persisted - "No, it's a special day for another reason." And then, the date dawned on me. And as I excitedly figured it out, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a long, skinny box. The kind of long, skinny box that holds jewelry. Or expensive pens. Or a letter opener.

It was jewelry. A white gold bracelet, very dainty, with tiny diamond-studded stars along its length. Like this, but stars instead of clusters.

It's pretty, and sparkly, and simple enough to wear every day. And I cried. And he spent the rest of the night feeling giddy because he had finally done the unthinkable and surprised me.

This morning, I met my soon-to-be coworkers. The office is small, very similar to the web services company I worked for in Abilene. I'll be a jack-of-all-trades sort of person with lots of new technologies to learn, but I'm excited to tackle the task. And my commute is much shorter. I went back to my current job for the afternoon, and around 3:30 I finally managed to get my boss to sit still long enough to tell her I was leaving. She was very supportive and understood that this is something I've wanted to do and will serve me best in my career. My last day is the 30th; Monday she'll start letting people know my status as a short-timer. And tomorrow begins the task of transitioning my long-term projects to my co-workers until a replacement can be found.

And now Jhon is playing on the PlayStation and I'm thinking of ordering pizza.