Our campsite

Jhon and I went on a brief camping trip last weekend with Sean and Jen, to the picturesque Peaceful Valley. We'd been planning this trip for a couple weeks, and I had requested that Sean and Jen, the outdoor experts of our foursome, find a campsite at a lower elevation than last year to avoid even a hint of hypothermia, so the campsite was relatively close to home. And, because it was so accessible, crowded with other campers. Sean went up early to reserve our site, Jhon and I came up with Jen after work on Friday, and we assembled our tent and unpacked all the new camping gear we had received as wedding gifts. We had a lovely evening making weiner jokes while Jhon cooked his hot dog, and Saturday morning the four of us went four-wheel driving before Jhon and I headed home, leaving Sean and Jen to spend the rest of the weekend alone.

Our campsite was named Camp Dick.

One week ago today, the president of the company where I work resigned. We knew this was coming; our company was bought about three months or so ago by another company, so it was only a matter of time before the president got out of the way to make room for new management (he'd been looking for a way out for a while, I hear). There are rumors flying that we're all going to lose our jobs, etc. But those kinds of rumors have been floating around since November, when the president announced the possibly buyout. The only downside so far has been that our company has turned to the Dark Side and become much more corporatized. Or something. We've always been overworked and underpaid; now we just have more "consultants." In any event, I'd like to position myself to move on to "greener pastures" by early fall, so I'm not too worried. But the people that have been here a while - my boss and most of my co-workers - are wondering what this means long-term. Our president seemed to be the last line of defense for many employees, making sure they were taken care of in the new company and that sort of thing. And since his announcement, they've all secretly begun looking for new jobs.

In other news, the short list:

-- I'm beginning to think Jhon looks like a younger, blonder version of Rick Springfield.

-- Freelance work rocks my socks. I just bought my very own Pantone formula guide (as opposed to borrowing everyone else's). I feel "official."

-- My 26th birthday is Monday. I want this, so I'm legal. Also, this. And this. I'm easy to shop for. If you're loaded.

-- Were still finishing our Thank You cards. So if you haven't gotten one yet, feel free to curse our names along with our hideous etiquette. And look for it in the mail.