It's been a busy, busy week in these here parts

Monday, as I mentioned briefly last week, was my birthday. Jhon came home Sunday night with the first of my gifts, claiming he couldn't sneak it past me. We are now the proud parents of a PlayStation 2. And while Jhon enjoys first-person shooters and the like, he really is getting a kick out of the "collect all the jewels and eat funny fruit to rescue the princess and save the universe" games that I like. At least, I think he's enjoying them; he's spent five times as many manhours playing them as I have in the last five days.

So, Monday. I went to work as usual, where one of my co-workers surprised me with donuts covered in icing and sprinkles. They were so rich that I could barely finish half of one, but it's the thought that counts, right? Because of a 4 p.m. reception to tour the new building our company is renting, I was able to cut out of work early. Jhon was planning to take me out to dinner, so I waited patiently and noodled around on the laptop. I happened to check my e-mail account, which is horribly flooded with spam, and I noticed a job posting for a web designer that had come from a local mailing list I subscribe to. It was my birthday, and I was feeling lucky, so I sent my resume along with a short message in response to the post. Then Jhon showed up and took me out for Mexican food at On The Border (the only place in town we've found Sour-Cream-and-Chicken Enchiladas) where I had a strawberry daiquiri and opened the last of my gifts - two iTunes Music Store gift cards and an AMC Theatres entertainment card so I can spend even more time in a movie theater than I already do.

Tuesday brought an unexpected reply to my job posting inquiry. The reply told me a little more about the position, and I had a chance to answer some questions and elaborate on my skillset and background. At this point, I still considered the job a long shot; the mailing list gets a lot of traffic from designers and various other unemployed types, many of whom I was convinced would be more qualified than me. But toward the end of the day, I got another response that asked the crucial question - "What's your availability?"

Wanting to think over my response, I delayed replying until Wednesday morning so I could talk it over with Jhon and think about it in detail. Because, obviously, I have a full-time job. Giving two weeks' notice was the only acceptable course of action. But the employer was looking for someone immediately - the current designer is leaving next Thursday - and while I could work out some sort of part-time arrangement, there was no way I could leave my current company in the lurch. So, with a heavy heart, I replied as much, expecting to be cut from the short list. But, to my surprise, I received a response a couple hours later asking for a phone interview. And, even more surprising, the employer told me he was prepared to hire me over the phone. Out of 80 to 90 applicants, I was the one he had picked. Yee-haw! We decided it was in our best interests to actually meet, so we arranged for me to come by at 8:30 this morning.

Jhon picked me up from work yesterday and I immediately shared the good news. And on the way home, he veered off our route to have a fancy restaurant dinner. I thought it was just to celebrate the job. Boy did he get me good.